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Storm Windows – Why Your Historic Home Needs Them for Protection

Storm Windows Salt Lake Window Company
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Owning and managing a historic home comes with its own challenging considerations. In addition to its careful maintenance, extra thought must be put into home improvement. For example, window replacement should be approached with planning and strategy, as many options on the market will not fit or might not even be allowable, given your home’s historic designation. That said, plenty…

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Window Frames – 5 Common Materials and Which to Choose

Window Frames Salt Lake Window Company
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Windows are typically installed to boost the aesthetics and functionality of your home. This is why they come in various shapes and sizes, design models and styles, and materials suited for any residential property. A vital element is the window frame itself that provides the structure, gives its support, and takes its beauty up a notch. When it comes to…

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Window Installer – Points to Consider When Hiring the Perfect One

Window Installer Salt Lake Window Company Utah
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Every feature of your house is essential, and you want to make sure that each of them is installed correctly. When you fix and install some aspects in your home yourself, you may be cutting down on a lot of the usual expenses. However, you may forget many fundamental construction points and ultimately put your house at risk. This is…

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4 Window Design Factors To Spruce Up Your Home

Window Designs Salt Lake Window Company
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Your home’s windows are some of the most crucial appendages of your residence. It has the vital job of protecting your interior from the elements, while also playing a large part in internal temperature control and management. Its wide functionality makes it a prime consideration upon making a house design. More than the functional side, however, your residence’s windows have…

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