Windows are typically installed to boost the aesthetics and functionality of your home. This is why they come in various shapes and sizes, design models and styles, and materials suited for any residential property. A vital element is the window frame itself that provides the structure, gives its support, and takes its beauty up a notch. When it comes to this, you also have the option to choose different materials.

If you do not know much about window frames’ materials, here are five common options that you can consider:

1. Composite

They have increasingly become popular among many homeowners because they consist of two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical attributes. Typically, the resin materials are reinforced with fibers for structural integrity and rigidity. A perfect example of this is a combination of glass and wood fibers, which are notable for their added strength. As they are less prone to expansion and contraction, they are best known for their durable features.

2. Vinyl or UPVC

Did you know that 70 percent of windows sold in North America are made of Vinyl or UPVC? That makes them one of the widely used materials for windows and for good reason. When it comes to color, they mostly come in white and tan, which can be painted with additional colors and patterns. They also provide excellent insulation, reducing energy use, and helping you save up on your monthly bills in the long run. Ultimately, they are known for their cost-effectivity, energy-efficiency, and availability.

3. Wood

Timber window frames have stood the test of time and remained to be relevant up to this day. Of course, these materials always have a classic or timeless beauty suited for any type of home, whether old or contemporary. What’s good about woods is how they are very flexible and versatile, which can easily fit any home theme or design. They are also easy to work with and maintain in the long run, particularly if you choose high-quality hardwood.

4. Aluminum

The demand for aluminum as a material for window frames has grown in recent years, which is why you see many homes with aluminum window frames. What’s good about them is that they have clean, sharp lines and large openings. They are also very strong and durable that can last longer. Finally, most of them are turned into thermally improved products, which are best for your home insulation.

5. Steel

There’s no denying that steel has rapidly gained traction in the window market. Sure, these materials have various uses and applications in different industries. But when it comes to windows, they are known for their distinct appearance, structural integrity, and large window capacity. With all these valuable features rolled into one, you have all the right reasons to opt for steel window frames for your home!


At this point, we’ve covered the five common materials used for window frames—composite, vinyl or UPVC, wood, aluminum, and steel. Each has unique features and distinct attributes, as well as potential benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to factor in all the valuable information discussed above, weigh in your options, and see what works for your home. With all these in mind, you’ll get the right materials that will take your window frames up a notch!

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