Owning and managing a historic home comes with its own challenging considerations. In addition to its careful maintenance, extra thought must be put into home improvement. For example, window replacement should be approached with planning and strategy, as many options on the market will not fit or might not even be allowable, given your home’s historic designation.

That said, plenty of technological advancements in materials engineering and construction techniques now allow you to make reparations and window replacements in your historic home without sacrificing its historical value. Such advancements have allowed the creation of storm windows that maintain the history of these important structures while fulfilling the standards for safety and durability in the modern world.

Storm windows can preserve the heritage of the structure

Storms happen. There is no stopping or preventing the intensity of a storm once it has set a place in its path. You can only hope that you’ve prepared enough for the eventuality. Storm windows are just one way you can do this, and they can provide an absolutely necessary layer of protection for your historic structure.

Not only can storm windows protect the fragile and precious glass from breakage due to high winds, but they can also protect what’s inside from debris being blown about in high-velocity winds.

The beauty of our storm window options is that they can allow you to keep your existing windows. Not only that, but they also offer added protection and durability that can extend the lifespan of your current historic home’s windows by decades.

These storm windows have also been designed to protect and support wooden components. Water alone, for example, can cause wood to crack, warp, and rot. Storm windows can seal out this water and protect your wood from damage.

If your historic home also has vintage glass panes or irreplaceable stained glass, the right storm windows can protect these priceless artifacts of history from breakage.

Storm windows can insulate the home

In addition to this protection, storm windows can offer insulation. If you live in an area that is subject to harsh changes in temperature throughout the year, storm windows can take the brunt of these temperature fluctuations, depending on what materials they’re made from.

It also goes beyond physical insulation. The way modern storm windows are designed is that they keep a layer between the original windows and the protective panels of roughly three inches. This three-inch layer of air insulates homes with even greater efficiency than double-paned glass.

In addition to protecting the home and its residents from harsh temperatures, this insulation can make the home more energy-efficient. It can lower power costs, as your heating and cooling system would have to work a lot less to keep the house at the right ambient temperatures.

The choices in storm windows

One of the many apprehensions historic homeowners have about upgrading and replacing windows is how it will affect the aesthetics of the home. Luckily, there are plenty of options available that can match the look and feel of your historic property.

Some of the most common materials storm windows are created with are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Wood is highly attractive but comes with its own set of maintenance concerns. Aluminum is durable and lightweight, but it does not insulate as well as wood. Vinyl frames are low-maintenance, are good insulators, and come in a variety of colors.

Whatever your choice might be, make sure it complies with the local regulations regarding the preservation of the historic buildings in your area.

Final thoughts

No longer does your historic home have to suffer the challenges of older construction techniques. Modern window replacements and storm windows are fully capable of maintaining a historic building structurally as much as it can maintain its heritage.

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