Serenity Series Sound Control Windows

Sound Control Windows by Utah's Amsco Windows

AMSCO Windows has developed a line of sound control windows, aptly named the Serenity Series. This series emphasizes sound control, energy efficiency, and security to help homeowners create a quiet, secure home environment, along with realizing significant energy savings.

Single-Pane and Double-Pane Window Options for Superior Sound Control

A single-pane window has an STC (sound transmission class) rating of 27; for double-pane windows, the rate is 28. Serenity Series windows achieve an STC rating of 40 to 47, representing substantial noise reduction for the interior of the home.

The wide frame of the Serenity window contains multiple chambers that increase thermal efficiency and structural integrity. An airtight, watertight seal is created with multipoint, fusion-welded corners; deep pile, fin seal weatherstripping along the interlocking aluminum rail adds more protection. Resistance to thermal transfer and condensation is increased with the 3/4-inch insulated glass unit with a warm-edge spacer.

Engineered operational components for the Serenity Series ensure smooth opening and closing, such as high quality, tandem nylon rollers on the horizontal slider window and the block-and-tackle balance system that holds the single-hung window open in any position. Positive-action locks create more peace of mind -- when the window is closed, the locking mechanism is engaged.

Amsco Windows are Manufactured in the USA right here in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Serenity Series Windows feature a variety of Size and Style Options

Attention to detail extends to retaining visibility and even cleaning the glass. Equal lites on the single-hung and horizontal slider styles assure clear sightlines, while three movable panels allow access to the exterior fixed panel for cleaning.

The Serenity Series is produced in standard white and is available in several styles, including single-hung, double-hung, and picture windows as large as six feet by eight feet. Custom sizes can also be produced to the nearest 1/8-inch increment.

Energy-Efficient Sound Control Windows - Energy Star Certified

A range of glass options are offered for the Serenity Series, including Low-E, tinted Low-E 140, and
specialty glass. All AMSCO products meet or exceed quality standards set for the window and door industry by the National Fenestration Rating Council and American Architectural Manufacturers Association. AMSCO is a member of both industry associations, as well as a partner in the Energy Star program sponsored by the Department of Energy.

Amsco Window's Lifetime Warranty

Every AMSCO product is supported by the company's lifetime warranty.